Jaipur, August 31: Legwork offers high-end and well-crafted shoes for individuals who believe in themselves and live life with a purpose. In all honesty, the right footwear has the power to make you feel confident, empowered, and unstoppable. With brands like Legwork, there are always shoes of versatile style, impeccable quality, and kickass design to elevate your personality.  Legwork shares factories with luxury brands like Clarks, Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole. Factories involved in manufacturing Legwork products are also manufacturers for more than 100+ European shoe brands. Legwork is the only Indian Footwear brand that buys back its product allowing customers to use the credited amount for their next purchase.

Vijay Nainani, the Founder and CEO of Legwork, believes that a shoe isn’t merely a design but a part of your body language. He adds that your shoes quite dictate the way you walk. While he couldn’t find classy tan and good-quality shoes for his personal wear, he decided to incubate Legwork. Crafted with the finest calfskin leathers, hand-finished with unrivalled attention to detail, Legwork offers shoes that dare to go anywhere. Vijay Nainani empowers sneakerheads by giving them the choices they have always desired; after all, everyone is unique, and they deserve to look the best.

With quality products like Hybrid Dress Shoes and Goodyear Welted Shoes, Legwork has created a niche in the industry. Hybrid Dress Shoes take many forms but typically have the look and shape of a dress shoe while incorporating materials often seen in athletic shoes or sneakers. Goodyear Welt shoes are the oldest, most labour-intensive, and long-lasting construction method, and Legwork follows this intensive process to get their shoes right. Regardless of whether your hunt is for formal footwear, casual shoes, or boots, Legwork has a marvellous collection to woo you. Besides, the products are designed in a manner where comfort is primary. A good product is the result of a great team. Backed up by a team of professional cordwainers, digital experts, e-commerce specialists, and enthusiastic customer service executives, Legwork is proud to have earned a name in the industry. Launched right before the pandemic in March 2020, the company has sold 3000 Pairs of shoes in 2020 with a revenue of 1 Crore. Legwork was also selected for Amazon Launchpad and Flipkart Spotlight.

With a mission of making the highest quality leather goods in the world, the company picks the best raw materials and follows the highest working standards. They take no shortcuts and use the highest quality leather to produce sneakers. Their exceptionally skilled craftsmen have in-depth knowledge about the raw materials, color combination, and design that helps craft some of the finest shoes in the world. The shoes are offered at pocket-friendly prices to make them affordable for everyone.

Visit https://www.legwork.in/ to check their latest collection, size chart, delivery duration, and pick the best from the lot. Remember, with the right shoes; you can always leave a long-lasting impression.

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