Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 29: Music Label Snow Records launched their song ‘Bismillah 2’ featuring the beautiful talents from the entertainment world – Surbhi Jyoti and Rohit Khandelwal. The teaser of the song is already out, and viewers are mesmerised by its charming melody and the classic tone of the song. ‘Bismillah 2’, crooned by Jazim Sharma, ft. Kanwar Grewal, revolves around the storyline of reincarnation picturised on Surbhi and Rohit.

‘Bismillah 2’ is the first song to be launched by Snow Records, and sharing the thoughts about it, Atmika Tiwari and T J Bainsla – the Director of the label said, “We are extremely happy to announce our music label Snow Records. In this new venture, we aim to create music to conserve the real traditional music of the country, which is fading each passing day. Our first song Bismillah 2, is the perfect example of it. Our whole team is really excited about this song. and wishing great heights for it.”

Surbhi Jyoti and Rohit Khandelwal, along with the entire cast and crew, are excited about the music video’s release. Sharing her excitement, Surbhi said, “It was one of the best shooting experiences for me because my entire team was a pro, and the song itself was so good.

There is a story in the song, so it serves both purposes. I am doing the music video and even acting in it because there is a character to play. And, the theme that they have kept – reincarnation, with the lighting, we played so well. One is the present, and one is in the past. The entire thing to shoot was like a delight. I am damn sure that people are going to love this song. With the voices Kanwar Grewal and Jazim Sharma, they are superb. It was a treat to work with them. Of course, people from Snow Records are my friends. So, overall, it was a beautiful feeling.”, she further adds.

Rohit Khandelwal also expressed similar feelings about this Sufi song and stated, “I really enjoyed shooting for Bismillah 2. Personally, I’m very excited to see the reaction of my fans as the concept of the music video is very different to the other projects I have done, and as an actor, there was a lot of scope for me to perform. The Directors, the team, my co-star Surbhi Jyoti, I think everyone involved in the song has done a tremendous job and am really looking forward to it.”

Giving some more in-depth knowledge about the song, ‘Bismillah 2,’ it’s Singer-Composer Jazim Sharma shared, “It was so cool to collaborate with renowned folk singer Kanwar Grewal to create ‘Bismillah 2.’ I love Sufi music and really like the word Bismillah. Audiences loved my signature snazzy harmonium and unique sargams in ‘Bismillah 1’, so I designed this song ‘Bismillah 2′ with these signature features so that the audience can relate. I think this song really has amazing energy and vibe! I’m sure listeners are going to love it!”

Talking about Snow Records, it is an independent and new label that has been launched with the aim of promoting quality music, raw talent. The new-age music label is the brainchild of T J Bainsla, along with its three partners Atmika Tiwari, Sanjog Tiwari, Krishanpal Singh Dhakad.

Lyrics penned by Manpreet Tiwana, Directed by Deepak Kattar and Manish Shunty, Music Produced by Sanjay Jaipurwale and composed by Jazim Sharma himself.  The song is available on Snow Records’ YouTube channel and all streaming platforms!

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