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New Delhi (India), December 13: SmarDen Automations Pvt. Ltd. is a home automation company based out of Delhi. The main focus area of the company is in the field of IoT or The Internet of Things. IoT is a technology that lets you connect anything to the internet. When the devices are connected to the internet, you can monitor or control them from practically anywhere in the world, provided you access an internet connection.

SmarDen’s journey of automating homes by using IoT started in late 2019, with 4-5 products and cut to the end of 2021; they have more than 30 products that can make your homes smart in more ways than one. The twist is that these devices are retrofit home automation products, so there is no need to rewire your home. A 100-year-old home can also be automated with SmarDen’s easy to install and easier to use smart retrofit devices.

People still don’t know the core perks of these technologies, and that’s why they are not able to use them to their full potential. The level of convenience these technologies bring is second to none, along with the luxurious experience, peace of mind because of the security provided, and not to mention the comfort! In order to make life more secure, convenient, and comfortable, we require data from literally everything around us.

SmarDen aims at integrating safety and security for everyone through IoT, and that too in a budget. The team at SmarDen understands that home is a sanctuary, and leaving your comfort zone in order to make it smart might not sit well with everyone; that’s why they have been working on retrofit smart home solutions. There is absolutely no need to change even a single switchboard in your home, let alone a whole range of appliances or devices, and rewiring is completely out of the question. SmarDen has simplified it so much that everything can be done with a wifi connection and a smartphone. The complete product line and the solutions are designed for retrofit homes. Making their existing home – A smart home. – SmarDen Team

The growth of the Home Automation industry in India has been exponential. If we talk about business, it is expected to reach $53.45 billion by 2022. 2 million households use smart bulbs at present, with this number expected to increase eventually. The number of internet users in India right now is 54.29%, and this number will only increase in the future. Everyone wants everything on a tap, so why not a smart light that can be controlled with your phone? People are ready to make automation a part of their daily lives.

SmarDen has successfully automated hundreds of homes and offices. They have provided street light automation solutions to multiple localities and have automated various hotels and residential societies. Backed up with the vast experience of all these projects and years of research on the topic, the SmarDen team now wants to educate the students as well as professionals about IoT and the power it holds. They have already provided training to thousands of students via workshops, webinars and seminars about IoT. To make things easier for students they recently launched a completely free, completely made in India IoT Platform called Students can make a number of IOT projects for their classes or just for fun by using this platform.

SmarDen is the perfect example of a startup that truly wants to make India progress in every way possible. From making home automation products available at affordable prices to teaching how to make those products, SmarDen does it all!

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