New Delhi (India), February 26: CMAT 2024 is an entrance exam conducted nationally by the NTA or National Testing Agency. It tests the candidate’s logical reasoning, language, quantitative approach, and general awareness skills. 

To get into the top B-schools in the country, MBA pursuers need to pass the required entrance exams, including CAT, XAT, or CMAT. The syllabus available on official sites will act as a handbook to divide and calculate time. If you are targeting any such PGDM colleges, start preparing soon.

CMAT Exam Pattern 2024

CMAT is a computer-based online exam that evaluates students’ skills in the five sections of “Quantitative Techniques, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, General Awareness and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” The AICTE sets the syllabus and follows the MBA Program in business analytics. Initially, it consisted of only 4 subjects. Later, in 2022, the new section, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, was included. 

CMAT includes a total of 100 questions with total marks of 400. Here is the mark division of each of these sections.

According to the official website, the rules of marking are:

Four marks for each right answer.

One mark deduction for each wrong answer.

No marks for unattempted questions.

Importance of Time Management in the CMAT Exam

Given the competitive nature of the exam, time management is a crucial skill that can help you become one of the top candidates for PGDM(MBA^) Admissions 2024. Candidates must be careful about solving the paper as it contains negative markings. Due to time management stress, well-prepared candidates often need help to complete the paper. This is why time management is one of the required skills for CMAT and will have the following benefits.

Reduces stress

By managing time during the three hours of exam time, you can skip the risk of panic. Make a timetable on how much time to allot to each section and follow it during practice. Reducing stress will help you focus with a better mindset and receive better results.

Raises confidence

After practising diligently, you can better understand how to solve each section. During exam time, it will help solve each question with confidence.

Enhances precision

Having less time at hand makes it harder to think and analyse correctly. With better time management skills, you can solve the question paper, precisely which will better your chances of moving to the next step.

CMAT 2024 Time Management Tips

Time management skills are required in competitive exams and the PGDM (MBA^) admission process. After reviewing the syllabus, the aspirants will clearly understand which section needs the most time. The computer-based exam is set to a 3-hour duration. Most of these questions need proper reasoning and analysis. Here are some tips to be more time-efficient.

Practise past question papers

Practise the previous years’ questions to understand better how much time you need to allot to each section. Past papers will help you understand what to expect. It will also help you become more familiar with the question pattern.

It is better to time yourself while practising. After evaluating yourself, take notes of your mistakes to see where you need to improve. Implement these improvements in your next practice session and see better results.

Read about current affairs

There is no other way to learn about current affairs than to read. Try to get a hold of various newspapers and read online articles and informative magazines to learn about current events. 

Utilise online resources and test your knowledge of current affairs by taking quizzes. There are online mock tests available as well. Use these resources to increase your knowledge. This will help you to be prompt in solving the general awareness section. Knowing about current affairs will be beneficial in NIRF Ranked B-Schools as well.

Take notes

Note-taking is an effective method to list out your strengths and weaknesses while preparing. It also helps you memorise difficult concepts. Keep a separate notebook for your CMAT preparation where you can write down formulas and concepts for later revision. 

This notebook will act as your guidebook before the exam day. It will not only make your preparation easier but also time-efficient.

Learn concepts and formulas

Learning the formulas is the key to solving mathematical problems of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. However, solving these problems can take time and effort. This is why several resources and video lectures are available online that teach about tricks to solve your 20-minute maths problem in 5 minutes. 

Implement these tricks in solving your daily practice sets and see the difference.

CMAT 2024 Exam: Section-wise Time Management Tips - PNN Digital
CMAT 2024 Exam Tips

CMAT 2024 Exam Dates

According to the latest updates, registration for the CMAT 2024 exam will commence in the second week of February and end in March. Candidates can receive their admit cards in April, one month away from the exam. Here are all the important dates regarding CMAT 2024 you need to know:


Passing the Common Management Admission Test or CMAT is essential to get a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Any CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT Management Exams value time management skills. The syllabus is divided into five sections, each testing the different abilities of the candidates. Before preparing, read through the syllabus properly to better understand the sections. 

Besides time management, knowing certain tricks to solve mathematical problems is also important. Remember, practice is key to most of these questions. Read about recent events, practice language comprehension, and solve previous years’ questions to be more time-efficient.

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